Cyberlogix Ltd is a NZ Based Software Automation Company

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    • New Building

    Welcome to the Cyberlogix website

    Cyberlogix is a New Zealand based automation and software development company.

    Everything we do at Cyberlogix is based around automating or controlling 'devices'. We use all three methods to achieve this goal, dedicated 'PLC' hardware and software, custom software development, and custom designed electronic circuit boards.

    The mix and use of these technologies depends on the 'device' we are controlling as they range from small consumer type products through industrial timber cutting machines, to complete factories and buildings.

    If you have an item that needs controlling, from a small mass produced electronic device to complete factory wide automation system, you have come to the right place!

    We have moved!

    We have moved into our new building! Finally, on the 24th Feb 2017 we have made it into the new building and its looking great. Thanks to DDC for creating an impressive new building for us! we have also just launched our new CLX branding and website.