Cyberlogix Ltd is a NZ Based Software Automation Company

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Electronic Systems

Cyberlogix has extensive development experience in electronic and PCB design and manufacture, with our current capabilities we can turn your vision into a reality.

Key Benefits:

These are some of the key benifits of using Cybrelogix as your electronics partner:
  • Custom designed hardware and software to suit your Requirements from small production runs to mass produced products.
  • We can integrate the software development not only at the board level, but also through to high end business systems running on computers or servers.
  • As we cater for all spectrums of control we can provide the best fit for your requirements from Embedded control on a PCB, to ‘off the shelf’ PLC controller to dedicated PC control software, or a mixture of all three.
  • We can team up with your operation and provide boards on a per item basis alleviating the huddles of high development costs, or provide a up front development cost, and lower unit cost providing you with full ownership of the resulting design.
  • All board layout and design done in house, plus we have the ability to build your boards in house for small to medium size production runs on our SMD pick and place robot and PCB ovens.
  • When we find a company that does something extremely well we team up with them to use their technology in our products rather than reinvent the wheel......

Technologies used:

  • Specialising in microprocessor embedded control solutions.
  • SMD (Surface Mount Device) or through-hole Components.
  • Multi Layer Boards.
  • All Board Layout and design done in house.
  • Communications Via USB, RS232, RS485, or Ethernet.
  • From Low voltage through to Mains Voltage boards.

Industries served

We have carried out electronic contracts in the following industries:
  • Vending Machines
  • Juke Box's
  • Marine equipment
  • GPS Tracking systems
  • Motion Control
  • IO Hardware
  • Message Displays
  • Home Automation
  • Commercial Automation
  • Industrial Automation
Our experance can port across to most industries