Cyberlogix Ltd is a NZ Based Software Automation Company

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    Cyberlogix can provide your organisation with a complete turnkey project including project management of other trades. Our other services combine to provide you with a complete corporate wide solution from the plant floor through to managers desktop.

Key Benefits

Integration designed into your system from day one whether you go for the whole package, or add on in stages, it's reassuring to know that your solution is designed with expansion in mind, on industry standard components

Supported Systems

Cyberlogix only use industry leaders in automation systems we are:
  • Authorised System Integrators for Allen Bradley / Rockwell Automation Products
  • ASI's (Authorised System Integrators) for CiTect SCADA Software
  • Microsoft Partners
  • Preferred Integrators for Wago IO Systems


We have Project Experience with the following systems:
  • DeviceNet, Ethernet, DH+, DH485, and RIO Communication networks
  • AB ControlLogix PLCs
  • AB PLC 5, SLC500, Micrologix, PLC2, and SLC100/150
  • AB Block IO and Flex IO on DeviceNet and RIO
  • AB PanelView's, Dataliners, RediPanel, DTAM+, Micro Etc on DeviceNet, Serial, Ethernet, and RIO
  • AB Drives 160, 1305, 1336, and PowerFlex - Hardwired, DeviceNet, Ethernet, and RIO
  • CiTect, RSView, Fix, Custom .Net, and ControlView SCADA Systems
  • AB Prox's and Eyes on DeviceNet and Hardwired
  • AB PowerMonitor II on DeviceNet
  • Festo Devicenet Valve Blocks
  • Wago IO Systems
  • AB Servo drive systems and motion control
  • Custom Software development using PC control and DeviceNet IO or custom USB Hardware

Global Reach

We have carried out contracts in:
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • USA
  • Canada